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Meet Our Talented crew

The dream Team

Certified Esthetician and Masseur
Josefin Gade

Experience beauty and well-being with Josefin Gade, your expert in skincare and massage therapy. With a solid background in plastic surgery and USK certification, Josefin offers a unique combination of experience and expertise. As the proud owner of YouSoFine.se, she has established herself as one of Malmo's most trusted estheticians. Josefin is CIDESCO certified and a dedicated member of the Swedish Association of Skin Therapists.

Welcome to a world of professional care and tailored treatments. With Josefin, every moment becomes a unique and welcoming experience. Trust in her expertise and indulge in the best in skincare and massage therapy

Certified Medical Massage Therapist and Barber
Bjarne Gade

Meet Bjarne Gade, your barber honored as Barber of the Year by the Swedish Hairdressing School and Sharper Barbershop. Former owner of H&Omm in Malmo and a certified medical massage therapist with over 11 years of experience, Bjarne combines skill and expertise in a unique way

Bjarne is not only a master of his craft, but he is also a proud member of the wonderful BVSC, Bearded Villains Swedish Chapter. Here at Beauty and the Barber, you might occasionally encounter some of these charming bearded gentlemen in vests – and we can guarantee they don't bite!

Discover why Bjarne puts the guest at the center, creating an environment where each visit becomes a pleasant and memorable experience. Learn more about BVSC HERE

Our salon

Our salon is located in the heart of Malmö's center, just a stone's throw from the lively Lilla Torg in the city's historic harbor district. We welcome everyone to our safe and inclusive environment, regardless of gender identity, orientation, political views, or religious beliefs. Beauty and the Barber is not just a place for beauty and grooming, but also a place for community and respect. Welcome to a salon where we value diversity and strive to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all our guests.


Our vision is to shape an inclusive meeting place for all. Beauty and the Barber is a space where you can be completely and authentically yourself. We strive to create an atmosphere of openness and community, where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is welcomed. For us, it's not just about beauty and grooming; it's also about creating a safe and respectful environment where every guest feels seen and appreciated. Welcome to Beauty and the Barber, where you are the center of our attention, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion permeates every moment.

Beauty and the barber

Our Company

beauty and the barber

Welcome to our charming and family-friendly salon, centrally located in the heart of Malmo.

Step in for a well-deserved treatment, pleasant company, or perhaps just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

What makes us unique extends beyond the quality of our treatments. It's about feeling at home, experiencing a caring atmosphere that envelops you. We don't just offer beauty and grooming; we provide a sense of community and warmth. Here, you're not just a guest; you're part of our little family. Welcome to Beauty and the Barber, where every moment is a moment to feel at home.