Settle into the barber chair and join us on the journey through our podcasts! Our first channel, 'At the Barber,' is hosted by our own barber, taking you behind the scenes of everything discussed in a barber's chair. Here, we not only share anecdotes and funny stories, but we also have exciting guests joining us. From whiskey and rum to deep dives into relationships – we cover it all and then some. Our podcast is a versatile space where we explore topics from everyday conversations to the most fascinating discussions. Join us and experience a mix of laughter, insights, and intriguing conversations – all in one place!

In addition, we have our second channel, 'At the Beauty,' hosted by our esthetician. This channel focuses on everything related to beauty and femininity, including various skincare and makeup brands. She will also address topics like menopause and what it means to be a woman. Explore the world of beauty with us and gain insights into products, trends, and personal experiences that touch on women's lives and well-being.